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Monday, 5 September 2016

"The School of Lifecasting"

"The School of Lifecasting" is a huge success as people come to us
from all over the world to be taught by Ken the skills of "Lifecasting"

Our most popular course is the 5 x day course whereby you will learn 
everything from A - Z and even when you are gone we are here still here to 
support and help you throughout your journey.

If you wish to attend further classes we also teach mould making, finishes,
clothing, draping,  fine mould making, Piece Moulding, Waste Moulding,
Silicone and Flexible rubber Moulding, Pettern Making, Architectural
Interior and Exterior fine plaster work etc etc.


I recently completed the 5 day one to one tuition at the School of Lifecasting
and can  highly recommend this course.  I had seen other courses advertised 
but if I was going to learn anything, I wanted it to be from the Master. 
The course content was everything it had promised to be and I loved every minute.
Ken's vast experience, impressive portfolio and passion for his craft left me 
feeling inspired, satisfied and above all, excited for the future.
The lovely Jenny, Ken's better half, looked after us beautifully and I plan 
to return in future for further expert tuition. Thank you Ken and Jenny for
a wonderful insight into the art of Lifecasting and a truly enjoyable experience.


We have hundreds of letters from our students with nothing but praise thanking
us for having a wonderful time during their course and for taking home with them
some beautiful lifecasts and so much knowledge also a new beginning doing 
something they enjoy and love knowing we are still here to help and support
them always. 

Why not come to see for yourself!. You WILL Love it.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016



We have a lady from France that would like to share a 5 day course with another complete beginner to save on costs - If you are interested then please contact us and we can send all the information to you. There is a considerable difference in cost if you are happy to share and you both get to take home your beautiful castings each that you have made on the course.


 (Practical): Price: £1,250  10am – 5pm (1 hr lunch) 1 to 1 Tuition

If 2 people would like to attend together first will be full price and second half price       

        Project Introduction & Briefing
  • “The History of Lifecasting”
  • Skin Tests
  • Materials
  • Health & Safety
  • Preparation for Lifecasting
  • Pose & Form
  • Part of upper torso standing or reclining, male or female, back, front three quarters side or students choice.
  • Preparation for moulding
  • Moulding procedure
  • Casting from mould to produce final sculpture for developing and finishing for hanging or presenting on a plinth.
  • De-moulding and hand finishing of cast.
  • All Students retain their final casting normally worth £600 - £790
(All course prices include Materials, Tools, Note books etc. Refreshments of Tea/Coffee, fruit juice and biscuits all day)                                                          
 Photography is permitted throughout your course (except the one day courses) provided a disc is supplied to “Body Sculpture” whereby we retain all art and image rights. No material can be printed or used on a commercial basis until Ken proofs the material and signs it off.
Note: Please add £175 on all courses for Male/Female models or you can model yourself which will help to give you a far better understanding of the art of Lifecasting from both perspectives at no extra cost.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016



We have been so honoured to have so many fantastic people come to us from all over the world. They are coming to learn the skills of "Lifecasting" and who better to teach them but Ken who has over 45 years experience. Ken gives much more than 100% to all his students and they go away happy and ready to start their own business with our full support.

Our last student came to us all the way from Philadelphia, U.S A and in his own words this is what he wrote for us to put on the blog. It was a pleasure Albert we will meet again. Never give up on your dreams.

I was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union). 
In 1988, at the age of twenty-five I moved to the United States. I managed to establish a business over the years. I was never able to draw in my life, let alone sculpt. In 2014, I was playing with clay (plastilina) and made my first baby hand. Since then I haven't stopped sculpting.
Over eighteen months I have learned to work with silicone, liquid plastic resin and making casting molds. I have watched many Youtube tutorials about life casting until I came across lifecasting with Ken Clarke. I was very impressed by his work and since then have stopped watching the other classes. I spoke with Jenny on the phone and signed up for a five day "one on one" class four months in advance.  
 On February 7, 2016 I walked into a studio and what I saw was beyond my imagination. Ken is a very professional, disciplined and skilled sculptor. He repeated each step he taught me over and over again. I believe that I still have much to learn, but what Kenny has taught me is enough to keep going. I want to thank Ken for all of the things he taught me, and I hope we will meet again because I still have a lot to learn. Also a special thanks to Jenny for providing me with all the written materials that I have learned over the five day course. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Albert.

Thursday, 11 February 2016



Happy Valentines Day to all our customers and clients

from "Body Sculpture"

Friday, 5 February 2016



We are now doing Gold Leaf /Silver Leaf as an option for any lifecast finishes and would like to share with you one that we have completed.
We are really pleased it looks stunning.


"BODY SCULPTURE" Presenting our full size reclining nude.

Please see our very latest full size reclining female nude lifecast. In order to complete this it took 8 casts, 8 moulds and months of putting it all together. We are really happy with the finished sculpture and hope you like it too.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

"SEXPO" News from "Body Sculpture"

"SEXPO" Nov 2015 images of "Body Sculpture" stand at the exhibition and the unveiling of our New Full Size Reclining Lifecast which we exhibited for the first time. We had a wonderful 3 days meeting new and old clients.

 After 13 years of  Erotica it was a breadth of fresh air for us all and we did really well. Do hope you like the images remember you are always welcome to come to see our work as we have monthly exhibitions for the sale of all our lifecasts and sculptures. Just give us a call and you would be most welcome.



Thursday, 19 November 2015



We had a great show and a warm welcome from all those visiting. The show that has taken over from Erotica which we did for 13 years. We met old and new clients and have made new connections so for us it was a huge success and will be exhibiting again next year.

We would like to share just a few photos of our stand with you and also show you a couple of images of our latest beautiful reclining lifecast called "Isadora" crafted in the summer of 2015 by Ken Clarke (Lifecaster)

The Concept was taken from Pre-Raphaelite 1848. The Model was Violet and it was photographed throughout the whole sessions by David Betts Photographer.

It took 3 months to complete and took 8 moulds, 8 plaster casts and 8 weeks to assemble and build. We are thrilled will the finished sculpture. It feels like silk or porcelain and is the largest lifecast created in the world. We are now offering this
                                                      FOR SALE
 and you are welcome to come along to see it in all its glory.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ken Clarke - Winner of special Achievement Award from "JADE MAGAZINE"

The winner of this year’s JADE Special Achievement Award is sculptor,
erotic art photographer and former joint founder of the Guild, Ken Clarke. A man of many talents with a huge passion for his art, Ken has been an active supporter of JADE since the outset and his outstanding contribution to the first decade of The Guild helped to shape the organisation. In presenting this award we pay tribute to Ken’s dedication, his artistic flair, imagination, skill and undoubted creativity. Few artists can boast creative expertise in both sculpture and photography, yet he has shown that a love of the genre can produce a sensual feast for the senses of both touch and sight.


Thursday, 1 October 2015


Please come to visit us at Sexpo , Olympia, London  from 13th - 15th Nov 2015

We have something very special to show you which we will unveil for the very first time at the show. This show has taken over from "Erotica" and we feel certain it will be a success. We cant wait and hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"The School of Lifecasting" Body Sculpture


The School of Lifecasting has become a major part of our business especially this year as we have had people from all over the world come to be trained by Ken "The Art of Lifecasting" we are spreading the word not by advertising but just by the people who have come from as far as

Hong Kong
New York
USA - 5 people

Just to name a few so we are delighted to be sending them back home to set up their own studios and with our continued help start to make money for themselves. Most have changed direction in their lives and for once doing something they love and enjoy. That is what life is all about. Making your dreams come true.

So if you are interested in a new way of life and want to learn something a little different please contact us and we will provide the best tuition in the world. You WILL NOT be disappointed I promise.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Ken was invited to the above exhibition this week from one of his clients. The exhibition featured a mix of established and next generation light artists including:

Tracey Emin, Damien Hurst and Diana Chire.  We are excited to be working with Diane Chire at the moment to create a masterpiece which will be displayed shortly in the gallery in Brewer St, London, Soho..

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


 Body Sculpture" will be exhibiting at Olympia, Earls Court for the Sexpo Exhibition  on 13th, 14th & 15th Nov 2015. This will now take place of the Erotica Show Exhibition that we attended for 13 years. We are very excited and hope that our past clients and friends will attend.
Please Read:
The organisers have a combined experience of over 50 years in the adult industry and will use that experience to deliver only highest quality entertainment and stage performances as well as "latest trend" seminars and workshops. We also have an expert in house staff including a dedicated PR and social media marketing team who will be constantly pushing the Sexpo UK messaging for the next 10 months. The event will not be a direct carbon copy of the Australian Sexpo series as not all of the entertainment, stage shows and activities translate for the UK audience - but it will have the famed "rock concert" atmosphere, energy and production values that has made Sexpo the biggest adult exhibition brand in the world.
Look forward to seeing you there as we have something very special for the show..
Ken & Jenny


Sensual Art Sculpture Exhibitions 2015 - Dates for your Diary
Dates for your Diary 2015

Last Sunday of Each Month


Call us NOW to book on 01189 313496 and reserve a time slot to view our amazing Art Exhibitions from 10-4pm

1-1 assistance and service at our home studios in Reading, Berkshire....
We are offering discounts on ALL pieces and would love to see you.
ALL ORIGINAL (No prints or copies unless specified)
  • Lifecasts (Commissions & bookings taken)   Figurative Sculptures    Pewter & Cold Bronze Castings   3D Sensual Wall reliefs    Garden / Pool & Wet Room Sculptures    Glass Mosaic erotic wall Panels    Nude Sensual Sketches & Drawings   Sensual Oils / Acrylic / Watercolours & Paintings  Art nude & sensual Photography Home or Abroad (Commissions & bookings taken)   Workshop & Courses (Please make enquiries for bookings available in 2013 / 2014)    Sexy Greeting Cards
Sculptured Bas-relief and low relief wall plaster panels
Today’s Art for Tomorrows investment. All originals.
Truly Unique hand painted Sculptures
Commission your own Sensual Photo Shoot Home or Abroad
Beautiful hand cast detailed Correra Marble Figurines
If you would like to come to any of our open days listed above. Please click on this LINK to email us through your avaliable dates and we look forward to seeing you there.

Alternatively, please call us on
01189 313496 or visit our WEBSITE for more details on our products and services.
Commission your own Lifecasting Experience
Come & see our studio for your very own Commissions
For your Spa’s, Wet Rooms, Showers, Bathrooms, Gardens and Pools.
Thousands of hand cut glass Mosaics 2D & 3D peices
Over 220
Original Lifecasts signed and dated
Our Home / Studio address is:
The Willows, 2 Weardale Close, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7JD
Studio: 0118 9313496
Please have a look at our website for more information on our products or the Life casting procedure.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Monthly Exhibitions frtom "Body Sculpture"

Announcement from "Body Sculpture"

Announcement to all our past clients and students and anyone that would like to come along to see us. We will be holding Monthly Exhibition Sales of all our work on the last Sunday of each month for 2015  (over 18s please) so please  drop us a line to say you are coming and we will look forward to meeting you again.

We will have paintings, Sculptures, Lifecasts, Greeting Cards, Mosiac pictures, plus much more . Everything is For Sale and bargains can be had,

Invitations will be sent out to past clients but for new clients feel free to call us to discuss.

Thank you and hope to see you

Jenny & Ken


We would like to say a big Happy New Year to all our clients, students and friends and hope that the New Year will bring Good Health and Happiness and those students that have attended our "School of Lifecasting" we hope that you will continue to improve your skills as the months go by.

Love from "Body Sculpture" Ken & Jenny

Friday, 25 July 2014



Just to remind you that "Body Sculpture" do Gift Vouchers for that ultimate special gift. Please call or e-mail us if you would like to treat someone special. They will never guess what it is, making it even more exciting.

Friday, 9 May 2014



A couple of months ago we were approached by a lovely lady in Australia who asked us whether she could do one of our courses from "The School of Lifecasting" on-line. At first we were unsure as our courses are very much hands on but because she was unable to travel to the UK we decided we would try and do this for her and it has been very sucessful.

We were able to answer all her questions and put her on the right road to success. So if there is anyone out there that is interested in our on-line consultancy course we would be happy to help. Please e-mail us at  and we can take it from there.

Ken has been consulting for Film & TV for several years more on the past movies and present day now applying these skills of communication and knowledge of all materials and their application for the International and TV Industries and now finds it is fit to apply this to his client base students and the wider public UK & Overseas.

Friday, 2 May 2014



Wednesday, 23 April 2014



Please see attached Editorial from Mark at "Jade Magazine" Thank you Mark you are a star.

It has been a little while since we last caught up with the ever busy mastersculptor and established erotic
photographer Ken Clarke (a former founding father of the Guild of Erotic Artists), and after last month’s feature
on his photographic work we decided to pay Ken a visit and see what the latest news is from his ‘HQ’ in deepest
darkest Berkshire. .Since we last met Ken his School of Lifecasting has really taken off, capturing the imagination of aspiring sculptors worldwide. Visitors from far and wide now regularly attended a variety of courses run by Ken at his studios. The courses on offer range from a single introductory day to an intensive five-day stay. Indeed, the courses have proved so popular that Ken and Jenny (his wife and partner) are launching a new one-day ‘taster’ introductory course with a live model demonstration.

 These new ‘tasters’ take a maximum of four students and the next ones are scheduled for the 26th April and the 24th May. As an added incentive, all those students who attend the new one day courses are eligible to a 20% discount on further ongoing courses, where they can fully develop their skills. .The private 1-2-1 workshop courses, which are deliberately designed for students of all ages, both at home and abroad, continue to work well with aspiring sculptors travelling from as far afield as Singapore,  and, the USA, Portugal, Italy and Spain. At the end of their course each student gets to take home with them a beautiful casting they have made during their time with Ken. As a part of their ‘all in’ service, the couple also offer pick up for students from airports and train stations, good quality accommodation with local hotels and bed and breakfast Establishments, along with tea and coffee all day, beverages and even an evening meal if required.

 The entire range of courses also include everything the budding sculptor needs from notebooks to materials for casting. Prices range from £150 for the new one-day ‘taster’, to £1,150 for the full five-day intensive course (with options for 2, 3 and 4-day courses tailored to the needs of the student). There has been great feedback from the courses and the fine testimonials continue to pour in. However, anyone who knows Ken, or has ever read one of our features on him and his work, knows he is not one to sit back on his laurels but is always moving forward with fresh ideas, and, in this vein of progressing his art form and reaching out to a wider audience, 

Ken  is now demonstrating on the ‘art of lifecasting’ using live models, followed by question and answer sessions in a number of Universities and Colleges. In October 2013, Nottingham’s Trent University invited Ken to do a one-day course and were so impressed with him that he has been invited back to do more courses in the future. The University also did a brief interview with Ken, the text of which is kindly included at the end of this special feature. Of course, for Ken and Jenny, it still remains business as usual, with great interest still being shown in private commissions, again from clients both at home and abroad. And for those art lovers seeking to purchase some fine art sculpture for their homes or offices, or simply for private art collections,

 Ken has adapted his studio to enable the purchase of some of his best work, all of which are unique one-off originals signed by Ken. For those art lovers watching their art spend budget there are also a number of reasonably priced ‘multiples’ and the opportunity to negotiate on some of Ken’s back stock of work. As Ken continues to work hard and to evolve his erotic fine art sculpting it is easy to recognise that, thanks to his vision and industry, Body Sculpture has come a long way since its inception and Ken and Jenny are laying the firm foundations for years to come. Where once most of Ken’s work was done on a private commission basis, today Body Sculpture is equally divided between commissions and an ever-growing interest in tuition, lecturing and popular live demonstrations.

 Ken also now advises students at degree level, those into their third and fourth year at the Universities and Colleges where he brings his vast experience to bear when he speaks to them about the international film, television and theatre industries of which he was a part for so long. He also cautions them on the cold realities of life as an artist, the struggles and the pitfalls, the highs and the lows and helps them to understand what it is that lies before them. With a whole world of arts and crafts to explore. We now live in a very visual world and not all the answers we seek are in cyberspace. For those with an artist’s soul there is nothing to compare with the reality of combining the imagination of the mind and its creativity with the power of the hands to create something beautiful which can last for the generations to come to enjoy.

An adience with Leading Sculptor Ken Clarke
By Harry Wilding

In October 2013, Nottingham’s Trent University hosted a ‘masterclass’in the art of bodycasting for film theatre, and television. Attendees on this one-day course were introduced to bodycasting by Ken Clarke, a man who has cast body parts of the likes of such cinematic luminaries as Peter Sellers, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Mark Hamill, Albert Finney and even Yoda. Ken has worked with many acclaimed directors such as Spielberg, Lucas, Attenborough, Polanski, Cameron, Gilliam, Kubrick, and Ridley Scott, and his extensive film portfolio includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien, Superman, The Shining and Who Framed Roger Rabbit .prior to the master class, Harry Wilding caught up with Ken to ask him a few questions:
 Harry: Tell us a bit about your business, Body  culpture.
 Ken: We are highly crafted, articulate and creative. We sell the experience to our clients by taking moulds and castings in a live state and then turn them into an art, art nude, sensual and erotic 3D form. Clients come from all over the world to interact with me and form beautiful art pieces. These can be cast in different
mediums - blended plasters is the most popular material
Harry: How and when did you get into this line of work?
I started in 1964 and had the privilege of a five-year apprenticeship at Shepperton Film Studios, alongside
a five-year attendance at Lime Grove College of Art and Design. It was very intense and informative – it involved
practical and theory of fibrous, ornate plastering for use on massive period, present and futuristic film sets. This was working under an independent studio system at the studios of British Lion. Other studios such as Pinewood, MGM, Denham, Twickenham, Bray and many more were more of a fixed studio system. After my apprenticeship I decided to go freelance and work directly with the companies rather than the studio - I was then free to express my creativity, rather than being suppressed.
 Harry: Did you always want to work in the movies?
 Ken: I was too young to appreciate or have the knowledge of such a dream. It was purely through my craft at West London College that I could climb a ladder within that craft. I was selected for an interview at Shepperton and from this my career in
the film industry opened up. I pushed hard and became the youngest Head of Department, at the age of 24. I then
started to recruit artisans from across the globe. The skills I formed from my training evolved over my first stage of working in films into animatronics, make-up and prosthetics; which demanded taking moulds and castings from the human form. Most of my work in this area was with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and other directors. 
 Harry: Can you give us some examples of what work you did on certain films?
 Ken: I’ve worked on numerous film sets, ships, planes, spaceships and vehicles, castles, buildings, special effects work, make-up, and wardrobe. In Star Wars I worked on Chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2, as well as moulding actors Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver.
Harry:  Is bodycasting still as relevant to filmmaking as it once was, with the increased use of CGI?
Ken: It speaks for itself that it has diminished over the years, but it has not been forgotten or forsaken in favour of
CGI. I still get small commissions, but my main target now is to continue with the craft of bodycasting. I will never retire, I have too much to achieve. The computer and CGI started to an evening meal if required. The entire range of courses also include everything the budding sculptor needs from notebooks to materials for casting. Prices range from £150 for the new one-day ‘taster’, to £1,150 for the full five-day intensive course (with options for 2, 3 and 4-day courses tailored to the needs of the student). There has been great feedback from the courses and the fine testimonials continue to pour in.

 However, anyone who knows Ken, or has ever read one of our features on him and his work, knows he is not one to sit back on his laurels but is always moving he is now demonstrating on the ‘art of lifecasting’ using live models, followed by question and answer sessions in a number of Universities and Colleges. In October 2013, Nottingham’s erode the creativity of 3D and that’s when I formed Body Sculpture, to continue my life’s journey to work with people and materials, not with computers. Don’t get me wrong, CGI blue screen, green screen and computer wizardry is absolutely fantastic these days; they ‘make’ films, we ‘built’ them, literally.
 Harry: Is there a film you had a particularly stand out great experience on?
 Ken: Yes, Midnight Express in 1977, with the location in Malta and Alan Parker directing. All the rest follow a close second. The whole experience was hard work, but a pleasure to be involved in.
 Harry: Who was the easiest film director to work with?
 Ken: Steven Spielberg - the creator of the storyboard. It wasn’t just reading scripts; it was for people that could read pictures, drawings and 3D. He made everyone’s life easier - in the art department, on the stage, and on location. He is a man with vision and the skills to delegate his imagination and apply it to film. An amazing man.
 Harry: Any missed opportunities?
Ken: The one film that slipped through my fingers was Ghandi, with Ben Kingsley. The make-up side of ageing him down during the film would have been something I would have liked to have been involved in. This was done by make-up artist Tom Smith who invited me to work with him, but I was already working on one of the Indiana Jones films at the time.
 Harry: Have you had any particularly good or bad bodycasting experiences with actors?
 Ken: They were all good experiences – they have to be. You have the might of the International Film Industry behind you to assist by means of its experience, atmosphere, and aterials. If it went wrong the whole industry would know within twenty-four hours. For these occasions, I have to step up to the block, with the spotlight on me. It might sound a bit over confident, but the first thing I learnt as an apprentice is that there is no such word as ‘can’t’. I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders for many years but I think credit has to go to the people behind the camera, rather than those in front of it. Actors come and go; artisans stay forever. They are the real troopers. Harry: Do you do a lot of teaching?
 Ken: I do a lot of demonstrations for different industries, exhibitions, galleries and, of course, teaching. I have taught and trained many apprentices  for film and television. I feel that teaching is for schools, whereas training is for people, so I have trained more than taught. Teaching is theory, training is practical. It is for me to hand this down to the next generation, which is why I have now formed The School of Lifecasting at my studio. .
Harry: Apart from attending your course, have you any advice for aspiring bodycasters?
 Ken: Never give up. It is a hard road with no immediate results. It is endurance, staying power and vision, but the final work is worth the effort. My best advice is to know your aterials.
For all the latest news on B ody Sculpture and to view details and prices of the courses available this year, or to
make bookings please visit the website.