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Monday 11 November 2013


"Body Sculpture" is now creatiung totally waterproof works which are designed specifically for great shower rooms, wet rooms, swimming pools (indoors and out) and Spas etc. These sculptured works, modern classics, are made up of blended cement fondues rather than the blended plasters which Ken has used for so many years in his creations.

I feel that the body itself is venturing more and more outside than in. Perhaps we are going back to our roots. The idea behind these new pieces of sculpture is that they should be tactile, a "hands on" experience rather than a "do not touch" as is often the case with so much high quality sculpture these days, be it in the home, business setting, gallery or museum. I want people to be able to interact and react to the artwork, to touch, feel and enjoy it. These new pieces are to have sensual fun with in any number of "wet" situations.

The exterior sculptures can also be installed internally. The medium in which they are cast means they are suitable for a range of situations. Imagine if you will, the sensual ambience of steam and hot and cold water flowing over the surface of the sculpture with the edition of a twelve volt back lighting pack which can make an early morning, or late night shower one that dreams are made of. Touch and feel the smoothness of the piece, sensual to the touch with the sweet smell of shower get, shampoo or oils to complete an extraordinary interaction with the sculpture itself. You can turn and scratch your back on the most prominent parts and interact with your sculpture in a way never devised before.

This is the art of the future, it is true "Body Sculpture" from the hand of master crafsman Ken Clarke. And now you can go one step further and have your own bespoke artwork, your body, or that of a loved one moulded for the same sensual experience. Imagine showering or bathing with one another everyday, the smooth curves and gentle swells as water and soap slide over your glistening sculpture.