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Monday 5 September 2016

"The School of Lifecasting"

"The School of Lifecasting" is a huge success as people come to us
from all over the world to be taught by Ken the skills of "Lifecasting"

Our most popular course is the 5 x day course whereby you will learn 
everything from A - Z and even when you are gone we are here still here to 
support and help you throughout your journey.

If you wish to attend further classes we also teach mould making, finishes,
clothing, draping,  fine mould making, Piece Moulding, Waste Moulding,
Silicone and Flexible rubber Moulding, Pettern Making, Architectural
Interior and Exterior fine plaster work etc etc.


I recently completed the 5 day one to one tuition at the School of Lifecasting
and can  highly recommend this course.  I had seen other courses advertised 
but if I was going to learn anything, I wanted it to be from the Master. 
The course content was everything it had promised to be and I loved every minute.
Ken's vast experience, impressive portfolio and passion for his craft left me 
feeling inspired, satisfied and above all, excited for the future.
The lovely Jenny, Ken's better half, looked after us beautifully and I plan 
to return in future for further expert tuition. Thank you Ken and Jenny for
a wonderful insight into the art of Lifecasting and a truly enjoyable experience.


We have hundreds of letters from our students with nothing but praise thanking
us for having a wonderful time during their course and for taking home with them
some beautiful lifecasts and so much knowledge also a new beginning doing 
something they enjoy and love knowing we are still here to help and support
them always. 

Why not come to see for yourself!. You WILL Love it.